About Us

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HR Musik Limited a venture by veteran music composer, singer and actor Himesh Reshammiya launched in October 2010. HR Musik Limited is a music and audio production company who specialize in writing and producing original music and audio in any language for Feature Films, Television, Advertising Campaigns, Radio and Multimedia productions across the globe.We also produce feature films, music albums (audio and video), music concerts and provide the best of talent in any field of music world wide Our strength lies in collaborating with new talent and established talent in various fields of Music across the globe.Our extensive experience allows us to deliver a wide musical spectrum from a full orchestra production to a modern dance sound as our portfolio demonstrates. Our pricing and licensing plans are user-friendly.

Working with HR Musik, you have the option of original music or a vast, versatile music library in all genre and languages.We make sure we understand your brief, compose and produce the perfect original track or find the right library piece for your cut, and deliver it to you personally with a minimum of fuss.If you have a music requirement for your project no matter how large or small then why don’t you let us know? We would love to help! Get in Touch.

You can be assured that you are in safe hands! What’s our secret? We’ve learned to listen.



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