Himesh plans Ajmer Sharif visit as Damdamm nets Rs.3.7 crore in one week

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Himesh plans Ajmer Sharif visit as Damdamm nets Rs.3.7 crore in one week Click here to add this article to My Clips
By Bollywood Hungama News Network, November 3, 2011 – 14:57 IST

Himesh Reshammiya Himesh Reshammiya’s gamble of releasing Damadamm on Diwali weekend alongside Ra.One has paid off. With consistent collections right through it’s first seven days (Damadamm had released last Thursday), the film has now netted Rs. 3.7 crores at the box office. While the film is already in profits courtesy low cost of making and a celebration party has been planned with Salman Khan, Himesh hasn’t forgotten to pay a visit to Ajmer Sharif, something that he had promised himself well before the release of Damadamm.

“Yes, Himesh is ecstatic”, says a close associate, “It is four years after Aap Kaa Surroor – The Moviee that he has seen good success as a leading man in a film. He is now getting further aggressive about his acting plans ahead and Khiladi 786 – Made In Punjab with Akshay Kumar is the next step in this direction. However, before that he is scheduling a visit to Ajmer Sharif.”

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There are preparations that are required to be made beforehand though since in his earlier visit to Ajmer Sharif, he had to wear a ‘burqa’ to safeguard himself from overzealous fans.

“Situation tends to get a little out of hand when a celebrity arrives in a crowded religious place like Ajmer Sharif”, says a close associate of the actor, “However, wearing a ‘burqa’ has it’s own implications, something that Himesh hasn’t forgotten after it led to controversies in the past. Let’s see what’s the strategy that he adopts this time around. Since ‘burqa’ seems out of question, he would have to do with added security.”

Meanwhile coming back to the collections of Damadamm, Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines has confirmed the figure of Rs. 3.7 crores while sharing the break up as follows:

Mumbai: Rs. 1 crore 36 lakh

Delhi: Rs. 77.5 lakhs

Punjab: Rs. 34.5 lakhs

Mysore: Rs. 26.5 lakhs

CP/CI/Rajasthan: Rs. 45 lakhs

Nizam: Rs. 23.5 lakhs

East: Rs. 24 lakhs

Others: Rs. 5 lakhs



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