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Profile: Arsh (The Band) is based in Karachi (Pakistan). Their line up consists of Raza Waqar Mirza (Lead Vocalist), Syed Hamza Ali (Rhythm Guitars) and Bilal Farooq (Lead Guitars).
Arsh (The Band) was formed in 2007, released their debut track "Khayal" in 2008, then released 2 more tracks "Lamhaa" & Awaz" and finally in June 2011 released the debut album "Awaz-e-Arsh".
Arsh The Band say about themselves, “Keep surging forward even when struggle pushes you back for every trial is like a wind; it will try to push you back or make you quit.
You have to stay strong for struggles don’t last; they come strongly and pass swiftly and only the ones who hold onto their grounds strongly and fight to go forward will emerge victorious and we did it.


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