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Profile: Indian Brotherz’ is a music composer duo (Rahul Mishra & Subhojeet Chatterjee). They are young and a promising talented duo, which hold freshness in their melodies. Before their association both of them were independently trying to make a mark in the industry. Individually they have done several corporate jingles and private music albums. In the mean while they met each other at a meeting called by a film director. There they became friends and gradually they started jamming together at their places to get the best music for that film director though they were not yet associated as a duo. They developed very fine tuning between themselves. Their jamming gave few very amazing tunes; one day a friend of them asked “why don’t you guys work together?” and they found no reason for not doing so.
Subhojeet born at Kolkata and brought up at Patna started his recording studio at the age of 14. He is a sound engineer having very good hold at technical aspects of music. He is a versatile composer having no limits to his creativity.
Rahul born and brought up at Allahabad is a trained classical singer with sound base of Indian music. He is an MBA and had left his corporate life just to live the musical dream. He started composing songs since his school days. There is a very rare thing about this duo that they share birthday with each other, same year, same month and same day too. That made them to call themselves as 'Indian Brotherz'.


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