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Profile: Lavan and Veeral met for the first time at studio for a recording purpose. For a couple of months they shared each other’s music and then they formed a duo called Lavan – Veeral. Their unity creates wonders.
Lavan Gone, who belongs from Surat to a family where music is just heard is an Electrical Engineer.He plunged into music since the past six years. It was just a hobby, but when he started knowing and learning about music , it became a passion to do and achieve something in original music.
He believes that “ No Music No Life”
Veeral Mistry also belongs from Surat.After his graduation in Metallurgy Engineering, the passion to learn music and create music drove him to become a Sound Engineer and now he owns a Recording studio in Surat. He believes "Music like Feelings, just flows".
Lavan, with his knowledge of Singing, Guitar and Keys creates the melodies while Veeral who mostly handles the rhythm section and technical aspects makes them to create something new everytime.
They believe in experimenting and fusing with different genres. Their main aim is to make their music reach to people’s hearts.
As they both conclude with this thought ” Music is the exact reflection of what we see in the Society.”


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