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Profile: Nishant Mudgal is a Delhi-based artiste-singer, rapper, songwriter, music producer, beat boxer and dancer!
A power-packed performer, Nishant can set the stage on fire with his wide vocal range that effortlessly glides from a mellifluous timbre to full-throated richness. Although he is quiet and unassuming off stage, his high-energy performances in concerts are further intensified by his electrifying dancing skills mesmerizing and involving the audience with every adrenaline-pumping move and note.
Interestingly, Nishant does not write his music on paper. Instead, he envisions an entire song complete with the words, music and beats into a sound recorder, all with the magic of his voice without any instruments. He substitutes his voice for the instruments and beat boxes the rhythm and bass line along with the words in this pre-recorded form of the track. He has found over time that working with this version of a pre-recorded demo helps him experiment with alternate sounds and enhances the creativity of his musical compositions.
Nishant’s penchant for percussion surfaced at the tender age of three when he started fiddling around with drums only to give his first stage performance at the age of five. The child prodigy has since added multiple percussion instruments like the tabla along with the flute, keyboards, harmonica and saxophone into his repertoire.
This multi faceted artist also has a professional degree in Animation film making and still continues to work as a visual artist and creative consultant.


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