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Profile: Sanchari is a term used to refer to the 2nd Antra of a song, which is considered to add a sensible and meaningful ending to every composition.
The innovation, creativity and success of the band lies behind the cultural and professional diversity of its members. The band is composed of few members from Mumbai and few from North-east.
The drummer, lead & bass guitarist are full time musicians. The vocalist and keyboard player are from the media industry where they sit eat and drink music and the lyricist is from Advertising which again is considered a field of creativity.Every member has had a diverse individual experience before they finally came together and started hitting the right note.
Sanjoy: TheVoice of Sanchari
Born in a musically inclined family in a small town in West Bengal. After systematic training in Indian classical and light music which started at the age of 7 years, He Completed his training successfully from Sangeet Visharad and has 15 years of professional experience. He has performed in more than 200 shows.
Rishi: Tuning it up
Born in Siliguri near Darjeeling, Rishi started hitting the keys from the age of 15 years under the tutelage of Shri. Utpal Bhattayacharya followed by Shri. Vaiya Nag. He comes with 12 years of on stage experience with different bands and adds his diverse melody to Sanchari. Rishi with his passion for innovation and emotions for the band, truly is the backbone of Sanchari.
Miklu aka Sanchari’s Arrogance: He Bangs
The guy from Assam, born with drumsticks in his hand, makes the world come alive when he hits the drums…. He won’t care if it’s a stage, Jam room, his home or street. He just cares to be himself. He started drumming at the age of 14 and never looked back. With a career run of 300+ shows and still a lot to go, he brings immense experience to Sanchari.
Arbaz : The Front runner
He is youngest in the band & is the lead guitarist. He is very enthusiastic about music and always gives a new flavour to everything, He makes the world fall in love with music all over again once he hits the strings.
Serious Jack: Bass Guitarist
An eminent musician from from Darjeeling, holds the base of Sanchari tracks within 4 strings.He spends more time in Playing than listening can catch up with anybody and add value with his own recipe for music and presence of mind.• Sanchari or more specifically every track by Sanchari would have been incomplete without Jack.
Jimmy: The Translator
Jimmy comes from Mumbai & is known as the translator of Sanchari, Responsible for finding the perfect words for every tune which are Sanchari originals, Jimmy is an unorthodox lyricist of the band. Finds his peace of life by penning the words, he believed in writing his heart out for himself until he was given an opportunity to take it to the next level by Sanchari. Not a conventional lyrics writer, he finds his inspiration by listening to a lot of Bollywood and other successful Hindi bands.

Sanchari has the ability of tuning in the audience with the music that they play. The plan is pretty simple. Play what the audience likes but give them something NEW when they get tuned in with the melody.And that’s when they start playing their original compositions.


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