Sandeep Acharya

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Profile: Born on 4th February, 1984, Sandeep is a graduate in Science. Native of Bikaner (Rajasthan), he epitomizes grandeur as well as the characteristic mettle of the Rajputana land.Shy and extremely introvert, Sandeep did never tell his parents about his hidden talent and passion for the singing until they came to know through his increasing popularity.
His first performance in hometown Bikaner was followed by a series of invitations and soon after, he was the celebrity singer of the dune city.
All through his forming years, he kept telling himself that he had to have confidence in his abilities, and then be tough enough to follow through. And the fate had so many things for him in store. His melodious voice won him accolades including coveted title of Indian Idol, a singing contract worth Rs. one crore and a platform to showcase his talent and potential to the world.
Besides winning Indian Idol he has also been bestowed with some prestigious awards such as the "Sur Sadhana " Award in Delhi for Best Upcoming Male Singer and a "Bollywood Award" in USA for Best New Talent.


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