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Profile: The Band 'SAY' was accidentally formed by the 3 youngsters Samir , Abhishek & Sachin better known as Yo. Samir was preparing Music for a college level competition. That time he thought of one brilliant tune, which further got the captivating words from Yo. Thus, the first song 'Break up ke baad' was born. The process then lead to formation of the Marathi Rock Band called 'SAY'.
The very first album of the band 'SAY' was launched in June' 2010, named "Break up ke baad". This album consists of 6 tracks,'Break up ke baad', 'Back to School', 'Anti-smoking', 'Romeo- Juliet', 'Bhajan' and last but not the least the remix version of the title track 'Break up ke baad'. Out of all the tracks, 'Break up ke baad' has already become a sensation amongst the youngsters and college campuses. Owing to the catchy tune and lyrics it has been a favourite with many of the Marathi Film Media personalities as well.
General masses usually herd after the English/Hindi Rock Bands, there have been Marathi rock songs in the past, but none received recognition till today. SAY the Album has been an exception for a Marathi Rock Band since its Inception. It is one of its kinds and has already won allocades among the young masses.
The Tracks of this album have been sung in local Mumbai verbiage. That's why; the tracks were more appealing to the listeners. The subject is closely related to the Youngsters and collegiates. To bring out all our thoughts from our mind, thus the band was named 'SAY' (speak out).
All the lyrics for the album 'Break up ke baad' are written by Yo and Abhishek, where as the Music is composed & programmed by Samir. The important thing to denote, that the lyrics were written after composing the music, which was done through Programming.
The concept of 'SAY' is out of the box rather than producing the album by taking a huge Orchestra. Samir is the Lead Guitarist. But he made a very well use of Sound Programming to create music from the instruments other than the guitar. From the album there is a video dramatised on the song 'Break up ke baad' featuring Marathi Actor Aniket Vishwasrao and introducing Pallavi Patil.


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