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Profile: Talaash Current Line up :
Ritesh Ranjan Sahai, Aneeta Uniyal Sahai, Sanjay K. Pathak,Rahul Srivastava and Amit Joshi.... Initially conceptualized and created by seven friends - is rather unique in the sense that they try to motivate through their music. There is a quest emanating from their intrinsic sensitivity and simple lyrics.
'TALAASH's music is significantly unlike the jarring and digitized music that we have in abundance in the market today. It is of the "unplugged" variety as the Band does not use any electronic music equipment but acoustic guitars and conventional percussions. The Band writes and composes its songs itself and all songs are theme based."
The music has both high entertainment contents as well as a meaningful encounter with existence. It has the spontaneity of child's playful activity yet ushers the listener in to refreshing alleys of understanding the meaning of life.
For 'TALAASH' music epitomized their individual experiences in life. It smacks of the joys, trials and tribulations that we all go through. With lyrics that touch the heart and music that is hauntingly melodious, 'TALAASH' have stuck of making music that is a trip down memory lane.
They call themselves 'TALAASH'. One could see in each Band member a yearning of discovering something in music, a yearning for discovering something in life. Their songs have a story, a message that makes you think. Their lyrics have become more profound, their singing has become robust and their playing has become more perfect. Moreover they maintain a musical honesty and they must be applauded.
"There is a freshness and innocence in their songs".


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