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Profile: Current Line Up: Aseem Dhaneshwar - Vocals. Ishan Oka - Bass Guitar. Manas Mali - Rhythm / Lead Guitars. Raghav Barve - Rhythm / Lead Guitars/ Backing Vocals. Aneeket Kate- Drums/ Percussions. Just after Aseem ( Vocalist) and Raghav ( Lead Guitarist) finished with their S.S.C. board exams, they began their journey in Indian Music. Initially, they started with Sufi Rock as their genre. After performing at several events such as IIT Powai’s Mood Indigo, Battle of Bands etc. at a point they realized that they were not finding the right way to move ahead with their band called Infiniti. It ...lead to a break-up of their band. Very soon, Aseem found different set of people with similar ideas of creating Sufi numbers. He joined a band called Qafia. But, over a period of time he was really bugged off with that as well..He left the band. Raghav, at the same time was totally out of the scene, concentrating on his academics. On the contrary, Aneeket Kate (Drums) and Ishan Oka (Bassist) were jamming up with their band Aardra,a hindi alternative project .Both of them met Aseem at IIT Powai’s Mood Indigo.According to Aneeket Kate,it was stated that Aardra had reached its limit and was slowly breaking up.After Mood Indigo they (Aardra) did their last show at a fest in Kothrud,Pune (KHS Fest). Our rhythm guitarist Manas Mali,while completing his B.Cs in M.I.T college used to play the guitar as a hobby. Later on it became his passion.His dedication towards the guitar paid him off when he got a chance to record for several FTII projects as a guest artist.He joined a band called Maqlukh and performed with them at IIT Powai’s Mood Indigo. Ultimately,all five of us with the same ideology to create music in a very different way formed the band called Treble. So here we are to enthrall you guys with our mixed bag of English Alternative music. KEEP UP THE TREBLE!!!


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